Ergonomics and Biomechanics Product Line


NexGen Ergonomics offers an extensive line of software solutions for ergonomic and biomechanical job-analysis, design and research. Whether your requirement is for simple ergonomic job analysis software, solutions to synchronize various sensors, human vibration analysis, or for sophisticated digital human modeling, we have the solutions for you.

Most of our software solutions have been developed by NexGen Ergonomics' engineering group while others are distributed by NexGen Ergonomics. We have also developed customized solutions for various organizations.


NexGen Ergonomics offers a wide array of instrumentation for ergonomic and biomechanical measurement, analysis, research and product design. Whether you just need some force gauges or dynamometers, or more sophistical products such as physiological measurement solutions, pressure mapping, or advanced motion analysis systems, we have a solution for you.

We also offer specialized instrumentation for sound level measurement, temperature sensing, and vibration analysis. Our lineup of magnetic, optical and inertial motion-tracking devices and optional software provides complete solutions for motion capture and movement analysis.

We have the product range to fully equip ergonomics teams or research labs.