Biometrics Force Plates FP3 and FP4

The Biometrics Ltd range of Force Plates are focused to the needs of the researcher providing high precision, versatility and ease of use. Direct connection to the wireless DataLITE, Bluetooth DataLOG, the tethered DataLINK or the tethered General Amplifier K800 enables data capture and analysis of vertical component of reaction force in a wide variety of applications.

2 models available:

Each Force Plate consists of a sandwich of 2 uniform precision metal plates, with 4 load cells mounted between them. The vertical component of the total reaction force is measured independent of where it is applied over the surface of the plates.

The relative light weight and small geometry of the plates aids in a wide range of upper and lower limb applications. The Force Plates measure as little as the touch of a finger through to full standing weight bearing. Multiple Force Plates can be used to increase the data collection options. Use of two Force Plates provides easy measurement of bilateral upper or lower limb weight distribution. Combining 4 Force Plates allows continuous dynamic measurement of anterior/posterior and mediolateral weight distribution. The optional Base Frame allows the position of the Force Plates to be varied to accommodate different stance widths - from paediatrics to adults.

The modularity of the Force Plates provides maximum versatility of applications such as:

Used with the Biometrics Ltd instrumentation - DataLITE, DataLOG, DataLINK, or K800 - the output from the FP3 and FP4 can readily be combined with EMG, joint goniometry movement data, or other sensor inputs into one simple system.


Force Plates

Dimensions: FP3: 200x125x14 mm, FP4: 250x125x22 mm
Mass: FP3: 790 g, FP4: 1560 g
Rated Load (RL): FP3: 0 to 100 Kg, FP4: 0 to 250 Kg
Safe Overload: 150% of RL (without change of parameters)
Accuracy: ±0.5%
Max. Supply Voltage (Vs): 10.0 Vdc
Sensitivity: 15.0 mV/ RL at 10.0 Vs
Strain Gauge Technology
Capable of operation in any attitude
Direct connection to DataLOG, DataLINK or K800
using cable type no. H2000

Base Frames

The Base Frame is designed to hold two or four Force Plates in a variety of positions on the floor to accommodate a wide range of subject sizes with different stance widths.

Force Plates used in a Base Frame can still connect to wired or wireless interfaces, either by connecting directly to the interface via a cable, or via wireless DataLITE adaptors that are held externally from the Base Frame within an adaptor holder.

BF8 (for FP3 force plates)

Overall Dimensions: 740x600x20 mm
Mass: 10Kg

BF10 (for FP4 force plates)

Both the FP3 and FP4 connect to the DataLOG, DataLINK, or K800 using the H2000 cable. An AD2 wireless adaptor is required to connect to DataLITE systems. The Biometrics Ltd Force Plates can be connected to various 3rd party instrumentation.

DataLINK and DataLOG are trademarks of Biometrics Ltd.