ErgoIntelligence™ Product Series

ErgoIntelligence™ is a series of easy to use software products for a variety of ergonomic analysis and design applications.

Manual Materials Handling (MMH)
The MMH (Manual Material Handling) modules focus on material handling applications and provide an in-depth risk analysis for low-back injury using the NIOSH Lifting Equation, Biomechanics, Energy Expenditure, Mital Tables and Snook & Ciriello Tables. All modules include extensive Help and can be purchased individually.

Upper Extremity Assessment (UEA)
ErgoIntelligence UEA is a suite of software tools focusing on Upper Extremity Assessments and incorporating a variety of tools including: RULA, REBA, Strain Index, Occupational Repetitive Actions Index (OCRA) and the Cumulative Trauma Disorders Risk Index.

ErgoIntelligence is a trademark of NexGen Ergonomics Inc.