AnyBody AnyGait™

AnyGait™ is a powerful and easy-to-use application for clinical gait labs and gait researchers. AnyGait enables you to obtain sophisticated best-in-class musculoskeletal analysis of trials as part of your daily routine. Our Graphical User Interface enables clinical gait lab staff, without programming skills, to process motion capture data in the AnyBody Modeling System, the world's leading comprehensive musculoskeletal simulation package.


  • Streamlined, Intelligent Musculoskeletal Analysis
  • Easily Match the Model to Each Subject
  • Automatic Functional Joint Center Calculations
  • Dynamic Kinetic and Kinematic Results
  • Obtain Individual Muscle and Joint Forces
  • Validated Output - Customizable to Your Workflow

Input Data

AnyGait processes motion capture data and ground reaction forces.


AnyGait enables you to leverage EMG results embedded in C3D format for immediate validation.


AnyGait is configured to deliver important results in condensed and easy-to-read graphs. Output can be customized easily to meet the needs of your laboratory including joint reaction forces, moments, angles or individual activations of major muscle branches.

Output results and analysis to numerous programs: Microsoft Office (e.g. Excel), Matlab, SPSS, GCD Reports and others.

Easy Control

An intuitive customizable Graphical User Interface guides users without prior modeling skills. In addition, users have full access to all details of the open model through the AnyBody Modeling System.

Supported Systems

Standard gait lab setups are included for common mocap and force sensor systems:

  • Vicon
  • Qualisys
  • Simi or other systems that can output C3D
  • AMTI
  • Bertec
  • Kistler and similar systems