Myometer Kit Series EKM5

The Model EKM5-200 Myometer Kit facilitates a wide range of strength assessments and ergonomics studies. Featuring a Series 5 force gauge with 200 lbF (1,000 N) range, tabletop mount, strap, and accessories, this kit is ideal for ergonomists and other professionals.

Included Items

Force Gauge Features

Force Gauge Specifications

Accuracy: ±0.1% of full scale
Sampling Rate: 7,000 Hz
Power: AC or rechargeable battery. Multi-step low battery indicator is displayed, gauge shuts off automatically when power is too low.
Battery Life: Backlight on: up to 7 hours of continuous use
Backlight off: up to 24 hours of continuous use
Capacity x Resolution: 200 x 0.05 lbF, 3200 x 1 ozF, 100 x 0.02 kgF, 1000 x 0.2 N, 1 x 0.0002 kN
Outputs: USB / RS-232: Configurable up to 115,200 baud. Automatic output available up to 250 Hz. Includes Gauge Control Language 2 for full computer control.
Mitutoyo (Digimatic): Serial BCD suitable for all Mitutoyo SPC-compatible devices.
Analog: ±1 VCD, ±0.25% of full scale at capacity.
General Purpose: Three open drain outputs, one input.
Set Points: Three open drain lines.
Safe Overload: 200% of full scale (display shows "OVER" at 110% and above)
Warranty: 3 years (see individual statement for further details)

Optional Equipment

MESUR™gauge Software

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Ordering Information

EKM5-200 Myometer kit, 110V
EKM5-200E Myometer kit, 220V, European Plug
EKM5-200U Myometer kit, 220V, UK Plug
EKM5-200A Myometer kit, 220V, Australian Plug