Glove Pressure Mapping System

The Glove Pressure Mapping System (GPMS) is a multi-sensor hand force data acquisition system that consists of multiple sensors that can be mounted on a glove (or an object) and connects to the PC's USB port (using the new T7 interface). The GPMS incorporates the ISS sensors in 20 and 24 sensor configurations. The sensor locations can easily be modified by the customer and are mounted using double-sided tapes. The individual sensors are covered with a Teflon coated laminate which makes them more durable. A set of three gloves (3 sizes S, M, and L) with a roll of 2-sided tape is included.

The GPMS has various ergonomics applications including hand-tool analysis, design and research, as well as clinical applications.

Twenty and twenty-four sensors are used in the standard configurations that results in a sampling rate of over 100 Hz. They are calibrated with a known load in a calibration jig. Variation coefficient (which is the standard deviation expressed as a percentage) is within acceptable quality control range of ± 10%.

Sample Results


Mat Material: Fabric sensors mounted on a flexible glove
Sensing Area: 20 or 24 sensors of .25" X .25" (additional sensors can be added on special order)
Sensor Size: .25" X .25"
Mat Thickness: 0.36 mm (0.014")
Calibrated Pressure Range: 0-100 Psi (30 psi using High Pressure Cal Jig, 100 psi performed at factory)
Accuracy: Variation Coefficient* less than 10% or approximately ± 10 mmHg

*Variation Coefficient is the Standard Deviation expressed as a percentage.

Additional Hardware:

A calibration jig (normally high pressure) is required.