Casella Noise Dosimeter Accessories

General Accessories

Calibration is an important part of a planned study of worker noise exposure using personal noise dosimeters and the CEL-120/2 single level device is available in all the standard kits to confirm the correct operation of your dosimeter before and after each run. It delivers a steady level of 114 dB at a frequency of 1 kHz for accurate measurements in the field. The CEL-6355 kit case is custom designed to take all the standard accessories plus up to 12 dBadge dosimeters in a single kit. Packs of replacement foam windscreens are available in sets of 5 for your convenience. Multiple sets of mounting clips are available in packs of 5 as appropriate. Choose from alligator, pin, harness and hard hat mounted versions for the worker to suit the type of clothing. Download from the noise dosimeters takes place using a plug and play infra-red adaptor that connects directly to any USB connection on the computer.

Model Description
CEL-120/2 Single level (114 dB at 1 kHz) Class 2 acoustic calibrator with CEL-4726 adapter
DB2WS Foam windscreens for dBadge2 Series noise dosimeters, 5-pack
CEL-6351 Standard mounting clip for dBadge pack of 5 sets
CEL-6352 Alligator mounting clip for dBadge pack of 5 sets
CEL-6353 Harness mounting clip for dBadge pack of 5 sets
CEL-6354 Hard hat mounting clip for dBadge pack of 1 set
CEL-6355 Kit case for up to 12 dBadge micro dosimeters and standard accessories
CEL-6648 Protective Nylon Belt Pouch for CEL-320/360 & 420/460 Dosimeter
CEL-6679 Carry Case for CEL-320/360 (2 to 5 Units)
CEL-6682 Carry Case for CEL-320/360, & 320S/360S (Single Unit)
CEL-6704 dB12 PC Software (CEL-320/360 Dosi's & 320S/360S SLM)
CEL-6760 Environmental enclosure for CEL-360/460 logging noise dosimeters
CEL-6760/K1 Mini environmental kit case for 360 logging dosimeters with battery pack and charger
C6359/0.2 Link cable from master charger to slave charger for dBadge dosimeter system (8in)
C6671/2 RS232 PC Comms cable 9 Pin (for CEL-320, 360 Dosi's, 320S, 360S SLM) (6ft)
C6672/2 Parallel Printer Adapter (req. C6671 cable for CEL-320/360, C6724 cable for 440/480, 450/490) (6ft)
193200B Infra-red interface adapter with integral high speed USB connector
CEL-90336 USB to RS232 interface adapter for computers without a standard RS232 9 way serial port
D8147/D Harness


Replacement microphones are available for the CEL noise dosimeters. Choose the CEL-252 for the CEL-35X dBadge series or the cable or stalk microphones for the CEL-320 or 360 traditional dosimeters. These microphones are user replaceable in the field.

Model Description
CEL-252 1/2" General Purpose Electret Microphone Free Field Incidence
CEL-425 Stalk microphone assembly for CEL-320/360 dosimeters
CEL-425IS IS Stalk microphone assembly for CEL-320/360 dosimeters
CEL-6681 Cable mic. for CEL-320/360 or to adapt 320S/360S inc. clip & cable
CEL-6681IS IS Cable mic. for CEL-320IS/360IS or to adapt 320SIS/360SIS inc. clip & cable

Power Supplies, Chargers and Cables

Battery chargers and power supplies are available to maintain the dBadge dosimeters in peak performance. Specify the CEL-6362 master charger base with the PC-18 power supply for up to 3 dosimeters. For 4 to 12 dosimeters in a kit add extra CEL-6363 slave charger bases each of which comes with a short C6359 link cable to join multiple chargers together. Additional charger bases and link cables can be ordered as separate items as required.

Model Description
CEL-16038 Charging unit for CEL-16038 battery pack
CEL-16040 Rechargeable battery pack (3.2 Ah 12volt) with spade tag connectors
193102B 3 way master IS and non-IS charger unit base unit only (less cable and power supply)
CEL-6362 3 way master charger unit for all IS and non-IS dBadges including PC18 power supply
CEL-6363 3 way slave charger unit for all IS and non-IS dBadges including C6359/0.2 link cable
CEL-PC18 Universal power supply and charger unit 110/240 Vac to 12 Vdc with worldwide adapters
C6359 Link cable

Insight Software, Plug-in and Licenses

Casella Insight Database Management Software is provided in the standard kits or can be added to earlier kits that were originally supplied with the older dB35 software. Casella Insight runs on Windows XP, Vista and Win 7 operating systems in both 32 and 64 bit versions. The specific CEL-35X Plug-in interfaces with the dBadge dosimeters and allows them to transfer results from memory to the hard drive of the computer where they can be inspected, reviewed and allocated to individual sites, locations and workers. Comprehensive structures can be built that represent the organization where the measurements were carried out and a full reporting package completes the program to provide standard reports with just a few clicks. Casella Insight is extremely versatile and allows users to configure the displays and reports to their own specification for full or simple reports. Exporting results in a wide variety of standard office formats is available to email results off site or to import into other programs if required. The software can be loaded with previous calibration certificates in AcrobatTM pdf format with the renewal date and prompts the user when it is near time to return dosimeters for regular recalibration.

Model Description
Insight Insight Software Database Management Software (Trial version with all available functioning Plugins)
Insight D Insight Plug-in for CEL-35X Series micro noise dosimeters
ISU001 Additional Registration Code to enable CEL-35X Plug-in on a single pc with Insight already installed
Additional Plug-ins Additional registration code(s) for extra instruments for same user on same computer
Additional Users Additional registration code(s) for extra user for same instrument on different computer
MSL005 Multiple site license with 5 Registration Codes any combination of Seats or Instrument Plug-ins
MSL010 Multiple site license with 10 Registration Codes any combination of Seats or Instrument Plug-ins

Upgrades for Noise Dosimeters

Various upgrades to improve and enhance the performance of noise dosimeters are available as required. CEL-35X series dosimeters can be upgraded between all model to add the additional benefits of time history data logging in the CEL-350 and 352 models or the LCeq and the L(C-A) results in the CEL-352 Plus model. A basic CEL-320 can be upgraded to the full CEL-360 model to add time history recording plus delay start/stop timers plus the fixed run duration modes if required. Units should be returned to Casella CEL in NH to have the upgrades performed in our service laboratory often as part of the annual recalibration.

Model Description
CEL-350L/UP350 Upgrade a CEL-350 Lite dBadge to a CEL-350 dBadge to add data logging
CEL-350L/UP352 Upgrade a CEL-350 Lite dBadge to a CEL-352 Plus dBadge to add data logging and LC-LA
CEL-350/UP352 Upgrade a CEL-350 to a CEL-352 Plus to add LC-LA calculation (regular and IS versions)
CEL-320/UP360 Upgrades a CEL-320X Or 320 to a 360X Or 360 dosimeter