Ametek Chatillon Force Gauges and Dynamometers

Ametek Chatillon hand-held gauges are a faster, more accurate, and highly portable way to measure muscle strength, job task requirements, and functional capacity.

They work almost anywhere to analyze and document force output, giving you the same basic data as large, stationary isokinetic dynamometers, but typically at less than a tenth of the cost. Which is why they have so rapidly gained in popularity among therapists, ergonomists, and medical practitioners.

These precision instruments are available in both economical dial-type and digital models; the latter displays test results on an LCD and retains the data in memory for later recall. Where desired, data can even be sent out through a bidirectional port on most models to PC computer storage.

Job Task Analysis and Functional Evaluation

Ametek Chatillon gauges and dynamometers let you accurately measure the push, pull, or lift forces needed to complete a job task, then test the employee's capacity for performing that task. They're ideally suited for A.D.A. compliance, ergonomic analysis, and workplace engineering. And, because they're completely portable, you can conduct the tests wherever it's best -- in the clinic, at the office, in the plant, or out in the field.

Available Models

NexGen carries a complete line of force gauges and dynamometers from Ametek Chatillon. Click the links below to learn more about these products.