NDI Optotrak Accessories

Customize your Optotrak motion capture system with a wide range of markers, tools, strobers and stands that enhance setup flexibility and ease of use.

Wireless Communication Accessories

Get freedom from wires with the new Optotrak Smart Marker System. Enjoy fast and easy tangle-free set-up and an 80% reduction of wires needed for experiments, plus maximum freedom of movement!

Smart Marker

Small diameter and light weight – ideal for capturing human movement. Automatically and uniquely identified by the Optotrak System, eliminating the need to manually identify markers or sort data.

Smart Marker Hub

Used in combination with Smart Markers and other Smart Marker Hubs to create a marker configuration that is quick to set-up and repeat because it is immediately identified by the Optotrak System. The Smart Marker Hub is unique to Northern Digital Inc.

Wireless Strober

Eliminates wires between research subject and motion capture system, enabling your research subject to move freely. Incorporates a long-life battery that provides hours of run-time between charges. Use up to 50 markers per strober and up to 8 strobers per system.

Smart Marker Rigid Body

Lightweight and used to capture 6 degrees of freedom (6DOF) of body segments. Precalibrated to enable 'plug and play' recognition by system.

Development Kits

Application Programmer's Interface (API)

The Application Programmer's Interface (API) allows you to control and collect data from your Optotrak system via a C programming language interface. The custom program may configure the Optotrak collection parameters, retrieve contiguous data blocks, and retrieve single frames of data in real time.

Tools and Markers

4 Marker Rigid Body

Provides 6 degrees of freedom (6DOF) tracking of body segments or objects. Pre-calibrated, with instant 'plug and play' recognition.

4 Marker Digitizing Probe

Provides ability to digitize objects or create "virtual markers" on body segments or objects. Pre-calibrated with instant 'plug and play' recognition.

Small Diameter Markers

7 mm diameter IRED markers with customizable cable lengths and RJH connectors.

Large Diameter Markers

11 mm diameter IRED markers with customizable cable lengths and RJH connectors. Large diameter allows for secure adhesion to body segments or objects using self-adhesive pads.


Marker Strober

Activates up to 24 markers attached to RJH connectors. Users may configure the activation order within software.

Tool Strober

Accommodates up to 4 tools with SROM files that are automatically recognized by the Tool Strober’s 10-pin connectors. Each tool can have up to 20 markers, 3 switches and 4 visible LEDs.

3020 Strober Adapter

Allows Optotrak 3020 strobers to be used with the Optotrak Certus System. Supports up to 256 markers.

Other Hardware

Data Acquisition Unit (ODAU)

The ODAU enables a synchronized collection of analog and digital data with the Optotrak position data. Preconditioned signals from devices such as EMG sensors, force plates, accelerometers, and strain gauges may be viewed in real-time and stored to data files for post hoc analysis. The ODAU utilizes a 16 bit converter to collect up to 16 single-ended input channels or 8 differential input channels. Feedback control to the subject/object of study may be achieved through the 8 digital I/O channels or 2 analog output channels.

Multiplexer for ODAU

The multiplexer increases the number of analog channels on the ODAU from 16 to 64.

BNC breakout box for ODAU

The BNC breakout box is used for integrating BNC equipped research equipment with the Opotrak ODAU and comes with a 50 pin ribbon cable.

Stands and Mounts

Vinten Stand

Footprint: Adjustable, 840 mm diameter – 1220 mm diameter
Mounting Height: Adjustable, 500 mm – 1600 mm
Angular Adjustment: Horizontal 360° rotation, Vertical +/-10° rotation

Base Stand

Height: 400 mm
Base Diameter: 770 mm
Weight: 3.6 kg

Wall Bracket

Height: 320 mm
Width: 180 mm
Depth: 260 mm
Weight: 2 kg

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