Thought Technology EMG and Physiological Systems

These systems are manufactured by Thought Technology and distributed exclusively by NexGen Ergonomics in North America in the ergonomics, biomechanics and related markets. Some of their applications include:

  • Ergonomic work site assessments. Quantify job stress and accurately identify high stress task components.
  • Validation of ergonomic interventions. Measure job stress before and after intervention to document improvement with a hard copy printout.
  • Design of tools and devices. Create an element-by-element Musculoskeletal Exertion Profile (MEP) to dentify the desirable and undesirable attributes of a design and to validate design changes.

These systems use active sensors which produce ultra high quality signals without gels or creams (EMG, EEG, TEMP, SCR, respiration, HR, BVP, EKG). Pre-amplification eliminates signal noise and distortion.

Thought Technology's family of systems can upgrade your ergonomic capabilities for measurement and analysis of musculoskeletal stress. They allow you to break down a task into its component elements and produce an element-by-element Musculoskeletal Exertion Profile (MEP) based on:

  • The muscular exertion using electromyography
  • The joint angularity using electrogoniometry
  • The body or hand contact forces using thin film force sensors
  • The metabolic heart rate

These systems can be used both in office and manufacturing environments to evaluate both tasks and workstation design.

An infinite number of research problems can be structured by an investigator. Some examples are:

  • Evaluation of hand tools, implements and controls
  • Studies of muscular fatigue
  • Studies of low back stress in material handling tasks
  • Studies of the effect of wrist postures on strength and hand capability
  • Studies of the effect of supinations and pronations in strength and hand assisting devices.

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