ErgoImager Pro™

ErgoImager Pro includes a variety of software tools to perform various biomechanical and ergonomics analysis and includes 3D mannequin technology from our HumanCAD® software.

ErgoImager Pro provides selected reports with the original images (if imported) with various results.

Joint Moment Graph

ErgoImager Pro also includes features such as the ability to import a background digital image or an image from digital video. You can change the mannequins position using Forward and /Inverse Kinematics.

Product Features


Detailed Mannequin Data

Ordering Information

Product ID Description
EIM-CS ErgoImager Pro (Version 4)
Complete system (all modules)
EIM-B Biomechanics
  • 3D Digital image interface to NexGen's MQ biomechanical model
  • 3D Interface with 3DSSPP model
EIM-LP Lifting, Push & Pull Task Analysis
  • Revised NIOSH Lifting Equation
  • Snook and Mital tables
  • New Liberty Mutual MMH
EIM-EE Energy Expenditure
EIM-PT1 Posture & Upper Extremity Analysis
  • OWAS
  • RULA
  • REBA
EIM-PT2 Posture & Upper Extremity Analysis
  • Hand strength MAE (Maximum Acceptable Efforts)
  • AFF (Arm Force Field) methods.

ErgoImager Pro 30-Day Trial Version Download

Current Version: V 4

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NOTE: Software trials are provided for evaluation only prior to possible purchase by those involved in the evaluation and decision process. We also provide them to students when the university has purchased the software and the trial is coordinated through academic staff.

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