Tele-Infiniti is a telemetry option that eliminates the fiber optic cable between the PC and subject for any Thought Technology encoder capable of transmitting the Biograph legacy mode protocol (19.2 Kbps) running on Windows XP/2000 platform. Tele-Infiniti consists of three main components: a Bluetooth USB Module, a custom programmed Bluetooth Serial Module, and a Thought Technology Fiber Optic to Serial Interface Adaptor.

The Tele-Infiniti supports the 19200 baud rate of the Procomp2, and ProComp+ in Biograph Protocol mode, and the ProComp / FlexComp Infiniti in ProComp+ legacy mode.


Tele-Infiniti Fiber Optic Adaptor

Housing: 4cm X 2cm X 1.5cm plastic DB-9 Housing
Input/Output Connectors: Input - Fiber optic cable receptacle,
Output - DB-9 connector (male)

Bluetooth Serial Module

Power: Internally rechargeable battery through 5V power adaptor
Software Configuration: Device has been configured to only connect to the Bluetooth USB Module that it is shipped with.

Bluetooth USB Module

Model: USB-1520
Software: Widcomm Bluetooth Software 1.4.2 build 10

Functional Specifications

Wireless Range: 10 meters / 33 feet
Typical Battery life(per charge): 4-5 hrs
Wireless Protocol: Bluetooth Serial Port
Data Throughput: 19.2Kbps
Operating Systems: Windows XP / Windows 2000

Tele-Infiniti is a trademark of Thought Technology Ltd.