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About MVTA

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Can frame-by-frame advance be done with MPEG files?

The way MPEG file are compressed makes frame-by-frame navigation difficult. MVTA will only move from keyframe to keyframe (in most cases every 15 frames, depending on how it was compressed).

MPEG files are designed for real-time video playback not frame by frame advancing. There are many parameters that are used in compression of MPEG. In most case, the compression used for the MPEG files makes frame capture difficult. AVI files work reliability for frame capture.

Whether a MPEG files works or not is determined by how the software sets the many parameters that is use to compression the MPEG. Highly compressed files do not work well with Frame capture. The customer should make sure that all the Windows Media player updates are installed on their computer.

Are MPEG-2 files supported?

MPEG-2 files are supported but not with frame-by-frame resolution, only about 15-frame resolution. It needs to be converted to an AVI file.

Are MOV files supported?

MOV files are QuickTime video files. Not supported yet by MVTA. Customers need to upgrade the free QuickTime player to the PRO version to convert MOV to AVI.

We're trying to collect air sampling data with wearable probes and corresponding video with a camcorder. These two things would then synch up in the computer, with the air data being displayed graphically to easily spot trends and peaks. Is it possible in MVTA to overlay the data graph onto the actual video so that the two could be saved together as a video file?

Any externally collected data that can be read into an Excel spreadsheet can be converted in the format used by MVTA using a conversion program (contact NexGen Ergonomics or your distributor ) to be used with MVTA. A synchronization signal must be available and recorded by all the data collection equipment and the video to allow resynchronization later, which can be performed in MVTA.

MVTA does NOT overlay the data on the video.

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