Tele-Infiniti CF

Tele-Infiniti Compact Flash (CF) allows wireless data transmission from your Infiniti system to a computer up to 300 feet (100 m).

It is available for our ProComp 5 Infiniti (5-channel), ProComp Infiniti (8-channel) and FlexComp Infiniti (10-channel) encoders. The unit disappears into the Compact Flash slot, leaving only the antenna visible - useful for sports and applications where the light and durable fiber-optic connection may hinder the subject.

Tele-Infiniti CF's ability to send up to 10 channels at 2048 samples/second makes this a powerful tool, not just for sports, but for ergonomics, physical therapy, physiatry, or any of a myriad of clinical applications.

Wireless Data Transmission finds its prime use when a user is ambulatory and real-time data monitoring is required. Optionally, these systems can record to any CF memory module; the data can then be transferred to the PC.

Tele-Infiniti CF is a trademark of Thought Technology Ltd.