ForceTest Software for Chatillon DFE3 & DFS3 Force Gauges

Expand Functionality

The ForceTest software expands the functionality of your Chatillon DFE3 or DFS3 force gauge. This easy-to-use Windows based software interfaces directly to your digital force gauge enabling you to automatically perform tests and graphs using a personal computer. Test results can be followed directly on the screen while the test is running.

Intuitive User Interface

The colorful and intuitive user interface ensures that tests are simple to set up. Custom chart colors can be set for easy viewing. Units of measure, fonts, titles and force measurement resolution can also be customized through the ForceTest software.

Easy Export and Reporting

Test results are presented in a preadsheet format allowing you to analyze and manipulate data and perform common mathematical and statistical calculations. Results may be displayed graphically versus time. Tabular results are displayed and can be used to create relationships, queries or used to produce reports. Test results can be exported to a .csv format. Graphs and test results can also be exported directly to PDF and Word formats.

Wide Variety of Options

Force at maximum in a time window, average force and much more can be captured using the ForceTest software. Basic force measurement such as tensile and compression test formats, pull to limit, and compress to limit are performed by clicking just a few buttons.

Reduce Setup Time

To reduce setup time the ForceTest software offers pre-set templates. It also empowers its user to auto load the latest test performed, and to open previously saved tests for use as template for new tests.

Ordering Information

DFS3 Series force gauges are supplied with the ForceTest software.

Part No. Description
SPK-DF-FORCETEST ForceTest Software
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