BodiTrak Pressure Mats

NOTE: BodiTrak pressure mats only connect to the previous T7 interface. See BodiTrak2 for latest solutions.

New BodiTrak Smart Fabric Sensors open a whole new way for people to interact with their world. With BodiTrak surfaces become intelligent and comfort a reality. BodiTrak is a combination of an elastic, breathable pressure mapping sensor that is very easy to use. Boditrak sensors mold to a users body while monitoring pressure.

These portable mats include built-in Smart USB electronics. Simply plug the USB cable into your computer or sync 2 mats simply via USB.

The mats are also designed to make integration into surfaces practical and affordable. Contact us for details.

Patented BodiTrak elastic sensors are a lycra like construction. Sensor size and resolution is adjustable to specific application needs. Sensors can be covered with a range of materials depending on the environment of use or laminated to a products cover. BodiTrak's onboard electronics provide fast data acquisition and easy connectivity.

With BodiTrak's affordable Smart Fabrics, Smart Surfaces are now a reality. Beds, wheelchairs, pillows and seats can now have permanently integrated pressure mapping systems. These products continually monitor pressure and dynamically adapt their surfaces to improve a client's comfort.

BodiTrak Sensor Systems



Mat Sensing Area Sensing Cells Suggested
Description Model Length
Number Row x Col Size
Std Range
Standard Seat NEX-BT-1510 555 555 455 455 256 16x16 25.4x25.4 200
High Resolution Seat NEX-BT-1526 565 565 465 465 1024 32x32 12.7x12.7 200
Standard Bed NEX-BT-3510 2032 863 1930 762 1809 67x27 25.4x25.4 100
Standard Torso NEX-BT-4510 1020 790 920 690 768 32x24 25.4x25.4 100
High Resolution Torso NEX-BT-4526 1020 790 920 690 3024 63x48 12.7x12.7 100
Standard Treadmill NEX-BT-5510 1117 863 1018 482 612 36x17 25.4x25.4 100
High Resolution Treadmill NEX-BT-5526 1117 863 1016 482 2343 71x33 12.7x12.7 100