BodiTrak Dataport

BodiTrak Dataport (only for BodiTrak and T7 systems, not required for BodiTrak2 systems) can connect to a PC or Tablet via WiFi directly, or it can connect indirectly through a local network using a locally assigned IP address. Both set-ups accept standard webcams, or device built-in cameras. It can also store data or broadcast data on demand.

BodiTrak Dataport uses proprietary BodiTrak T7 Smart Fabric technology which is manufactured and assembled in Canada, as well as Raspberry Pi and software developed specifically for BodiTrak products.


  • Certifications: The pressure mat is TUV certified, CE and FDA Class-1 approved medical device.
  • Scan Rate: 50-60 Hz (depending on processor speed of connected PC or Tablet)
  • Effective range of WiFi Network: 100 feet indoor, 200 feet outdoor
  • Physical Dimensions: 3.5" x 1.7" x 8.2" water-proof to splash. (Avoid rain/moist conditions or under water)
  • Battery Specs: 3.7 V, 2 A (exceeds 4 hrs continuous scanning use), Time to full charge = 3 hours
  • Switches/Indicators:
    • LED Charging - Shuts off when battery is fully charged
    • LED Mode - Slow Blink (Direct Wireless via Dataport),
      Fast Blink (Indirect Wireless via Local Network)
    • Switch, Reset (Black) - Reset to default state
    • USB Interface - Dual port
    • Switch, Power Up/Down (Green)
  • Weight: Less than 1lb
  • Charger: Adapter output is 5vdc, 1amp, with a 2.1mm barrel plug w/center positive.
    CAUTION: Use Universal Charger supplied with the unit.
  • PC/Tablet Specs: PC with Windows 7, 8, 10 or iOS 5, iOS 7 or Equivalent, 2GHZ Processor Speed and 4G RAM