ProComp 2™

The ProComp 2™ is a compact yet powerful two-channel device that allows clinicians to set up a second clinical system - or to empower their clients by offering them a take-home device that is convenient to wear on a headband or a shirt collar.

The ProComp 2 contains a built-in EEG sensor (simply connect an extender cable for EEG monitoring and biofeedback), and it can use any two of the ProComp Infiniti sensors. The ProComp 2 system contains all the peripherals to easily connect it to a desktop or laptop IBM-compatible PC.

Benefits for you and your clients:


The Infiniti software is able to record up to 2 video channels along with force, goniometry and physiological data. The video is usually acquired from a WebCam device connected to a USB port.

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Approx. Size: 2 1/2" x 2 3/16" x 5/8" (64mm x 56mm x 16mm)
Approx. Weight w/o Batteries: 40 g
Input Impedance (Input A): >1,000,000 mohms
Input Impedance (Input B, C, D): >2 mohms
Resolution (Input A only): <0.1 µV RMS
Signal Input Range (Input A): 0-200 µV RMS
Signal Input Range (Input B, C, D): 2.0V - 3.6V
CMRR (Input A): >130 @ 2 Hz to 45 Hz
Channel Bandwidth: 0 Hz - 45 Hz
Sample Rate/Channel (A, B): 200 OR 256 samples/second
Sample Rate/Channel (C, D): 20 or 32 samples/second
Supply Voltage: 1.0V - 1.6V
Current Consumption: 75 mA - 150 mA @ 1.5 V
Battery Life (Alkaline): 10 Hours (minimum)
Low Battery Warning: 1.1 V ±0.2 V
Data Output Protocol: 19.2 or 38.4 Kbaud, 8 Bits, 1 Stop, No Parity
Analog to Digital Conversion: 13 bits

ProComp 2 is a trademark of Thought Technology Ltd.