FlexComp Infiniti™

FlexComp Infiniti™ is the ideal data acquisition and physiological monitoring device for power users. It offers 10 high-speed channels (2048 samples/sec.) with 14 bits of resolution (1 part in 16364) and can acquire data from any Thought Technology sensor.

Researchers, surface electromyography (SEMG) specialists and ergonomists will appreciate its ability to monitor and record SEMG and displaying it as raw, median frequency, RMS, peak-to-peak, 2D and 3D frequency and power spectrum. Up to four encoders (each using up to 10 channels) can be connected simultaneously to produce the largest possible "window" into the subject's physiology.

FlexComp Infiniti offers internal, user-activated calibration to ensure that you can always obtain the highest quality signal, without the costly downtime associated with factory re-calibration.

FlexComp Infiniti is a total monitoring and biofeedback system with a wide range of applications in psychology, physiatry, clinical research, physical therapy, primary care, and sports medicine. Compact and easy-to-use in tethered and un-tethered situations, using fiber optic (for real time monitoring) or Compact Flash (for remote data storage) modes, FlexComp Infiniti offers a tremendous range of capabilities and the power to deliver instantaneous analysis of complex data.

When combined with Infiniti software FlexComp Infiniti provides flexible, high-speed processing of high-resolution data and allows clinicians to choose from a full range of user-defined screen configurations for specific applications or client profiles, using mouse or keyboard controls.

The Infiniti software is able to record up to 2 video channels along with force, goniometry and physiological data. The video is usually acquired from a WebCam device connected to a USB port.

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Specifications for FlexComp Infiniti Encoder (SA7550)

Size (approx.): 130mm x 95mm x 37mm (5.1" x 3.7" x 1.5")
Weight (approx.): 200g (7oz)
Power Source: 4AA batteries, single use alkaline or NiMh Rechargeable
Supply Voltage: 3.6V - 6.5V (fiber optic), minimum 4.0V (Compact Flash)
Battery Life, Alkaline cells: 30h typical, 20h minimum
Low-battery warning: 20 - 30 minutes of battery life remaining
Sensor supply voltage: 7.260V ±2mV
ADC output: 14bits
Full-scale input range, DC: 2.8V ±1.696V
LSB magnitude: 207µV
Encoder channel bandwidth (3dB) and sample rate:
DC - 512Hz @ 2048 samples/second
DC - 64Hz @ 256 samples/second
DC - 64Hz @ 200 samples/second
DC - 8Hz @ 32 samples/second
DC - 8Hz @ 20 samples/second
Anti-aliasing Filter: 5th order Butterworth
Alias rejection: 30dB typical
DC gain accuracy: ±0.5% (initial, or after self-calibration)
DC offset: ±3LSB (initial, or after self-calibration)

FlexComp Infiniti is a trademark of Thought Technology Ltd.