Baseline® Discriminators

Two-Point Discriminator

Evaluate cutaneous sensitivity and touch threshold. Third point permits alternating between single and double point stimulation without changing setting. Plastic points minimize influence of temperature. Measures up to 14 centimeters.

12-1480: 2-Point Discriminator
12-1481: With Third Point

12-1482: 2-Point Discriminator, Stainless Steel

DISCRIM-A-GON consists of 2 separate 2-point discriminator octagons (D1 and D2). Each octagon measures a different range of 8 labeled fixed 2-point intervals ranging from 1 mm to 25 mm for accurate and consistent measurements. Easy to use, lightweight plastic wheel is the sensory evaluation tool to test static and dynamic 1 and 2 point discrimination.

12-1492: Discrim-A-Gon
12-1492-25: 25 units

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