Baseline® Goniometers

180° 8" Goniometer

Stainless steel goniometer has two opposing scales marked in 1° increments. Tension between the arms is controlled by the thumb knob.

12-1040: 8", 180°

180º 14" Goniometer

Stainless steel goniometer has two opposing scales marked in 1° increments. Extra-long arms for measuring all joints.

12-1041: 14", 180°

360° 14" Goniometer

Stainless steel goniometer has two opposing 180° scales and one 360° scale, all marked in 1° increments. Arm tension is controlled by thumb knob.

12-1050: 14", 360°

180° 6" Pocket Goniometer

Robinson stainless steel pocket-sized goniometer has a 180° scale in 5° increments and a 5-inch/12½ cm linear scale.

12-1042: 6", 180°

180° X-Ray Goniometer

Document angles on X-ray negatives. 180° head has two opposing scales marked in 2 1/2° increments. Black aluminum with easy-to-read white radiopaque markings (doctors and therapists wearing glasses find this goniometer easy to read). The 6 1/2 inch finger goniometer can be carried in your pocket.

12-1030: 14", 180°
12-1031: 8", 180°
12-1032: 6", 180°

6-Piece Goniometer Set

6 goniometers come in padded carrying case. Set includes:

12-1043: Goniometer Set

6-Piece Plastic Goniometer Set

This set is available in standard or HiRes™ and includes:

12-1028: Standard Set
12-1028-25: Standard Set (25 units)
12-1028HR: HiRes™ Set
12-1028HR-25: HiRes™ Set (25 units)

ISOM Measurements

36 x 30" wall chart illustrates measurement and recording rules as set forth by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. Covers goniometry, X-ray evaluation and anthropometric measurement.

12-1095: ISOM Chart

Plastic 360º ISOM (STFR) Goniometer

Clear plastic permits observation of joint's axis of motion, and it's range of motion. The 360° head has three scales calibrated to be used with the ISOM (International Standards of Measurement, STFR) system. One arm has a linear scale in inches and centimeters. Scale reads 1° increments.

12-1000: 12 inch ISOM
12-1001: 8 inch ISOM
12-1002: 6 inch ISOM

HiRes™ Plastic 360° ISOM (STFR) Goniometer

White background behind the gradations, numbers and text assures high contrast for added readability and resolution. Scale reads 1° increments.

12-1000HR: 12 inch ISOM
12-1001HR: 8 inch ISOM
12-1002HR: 6 inch ISOM

Absolute+Axis™ Goniometer

The Absolute+Axis™ 360° Baseline standard or HiRes 12" Goniometer (with built in Absolute+Axis™).

12-1025: single unit
12-1025-25: 25-Pack
12-1025HR: single unit
12-1025HR-25: 25-Pack

Level Attachment for 12" Goniometers

The Absolute+Axis™ attachment for 12" goniometers is for practioners who currently own a 12" 360 degree goniometer. It slides "snugly" onto one arm of the goniometer. The attachment does not interfere with the goniometer function. It includes vertical and horizontal levels.

12-1026: Single Attachment
12-1026-25: 25-Pack

Pocket Goniometers (Plastic)

Inexpensive clear plastic goniometers have 5-inch linear scale calibrated in inches and centimeters. Goniometer fits in shirt pocket.

12-1005: Pocket 180°
12-1006: Rulongmeter 360°

HiRes™ Pocket Goniometers (Plastic)

White background behind the gradations, numbers and text assures high contrast for added readability and resolution.

12-1005HR: Pocket 180°
12-1006HR: Rulongmeter 360°


Clear plastic finger goniometer measures a range of 30° hyperextension and 120° flexion. Easy to use for ROM measurements of MCPs, PIPs and DIPS.

12-1012: Goniometer

5½" HiRes™ Flexion/Hyperextension Plastic Finger Goniometer

12-1012HR: 5½" HiRes™
12-1012HR-25: 5½" HiRes™ (25 units)

Finger (Small Joint) Goniometer

Stainless steel goniometer measures range-of-motion of finger joints (metacarpophalangeal and interphalangeal) and other small joints including toes. Head has two opposing 180° scales marked in 5° increments. A linear scale in inches and centimeters is on arm. Deluxe model has larger head for more accurate reading.

12-1010: Standard, 6 inch
12-1011: Deluxe, 6 inch
12-1015: Small, 3 1/2 inch

180° Digit Goniometer

Use only one hand. Using your finger, move the measurement head through flexion, extension and hyper-extension. Measures 110° flexion and 40° hyper-extension in 5° increments. Arm has 10cm/4" scale.

12-1014: Plastic Goniometer
12-1016: Stainless Steel Goniometer
12-1016-25: Stainless Steel Goniometer (25 units)

Large Joint Goniometer

18-inch stainless steel goniometer measures "large" joints (shoulders, hips, knees). Scale has two opposing 180° scales and a linear scale with inches and centimeters.

12-1020: Large Joint Goniometer

Baseline Digital Plastic 360°, 10 inch Goniometer

10" digital goniometer measures range of motion between 0-360 degrees. The display reads continuously as arms are adjusted. Hold function retains at measurement position until reset. Angle scale reads in 0.05° increments. Reversible reading allows you to flip the display for more comfortable reading. The arms have a linear scale in inches and centimeters.
Dimensions: 11.5" x 0.6" x 2.5"
Weight: 0.25 lbs

12-1049: Digital Plastic 360°, 10 inch Goniometer

Metal Absolute+Axis® Goniometer

Baseline digital Absolute+Axis Goniometer - 180° LCD scale - 9 inch arms has integrated Absolute+Axis levels. Powered by 1 x 9v battery, included. The Absolute+Axis (AA) goniometer establishes a "true" vertical or horizontal to the start point of a measurement. Many goniometric measurements require one arm of the goniometer to be positioned either horizontally or vertically. The other arm is then lined-up with the patient's body part. Until now, the practitioner had to "assume" or "eyeball" the vertical or horizontal position. This interpolation is often incorrect and introduces measurement error. The Absolute+Axis goniometer removes measurement variability and allows the practitioner to concentrate on correct placement of the other goniometer arm and the patient's body position. Some measurements the AA goniometer is designed to improve are: shoulder and hip rotation (internal, external); cervical flexion, extension, rotation and side bending; hamstring flexibility; and active ROM.

12-1027: Digital 180° Range, 9" Arms, with Absolute+Axis

Baseline XTender™ HiRes® 360° ISOM Goniometer

The XTender HiRes 360° ISOM Goniometer measures the axis and range of motion of either large or small joints. The head can move 360 degrees and has three easy-to-read scales. The primary scale, which is found in the white ring of the head, reads in 1° increments. The stainless-steel arms screw into the goniometer easily and can extend from 12.5" to 33" for larger measurements.
Dimensions: 12.5" x 1" x 5"
Weight: 0.5 lbs

12-1034HR: XTender HiRes 360° ISOM Goniometer

180° Extendable Goniometer with Magnification

For measuring large and small joints. 4X magnifying lens to read the dual 180° high resolution scale and two stainless steel arms extending 9" to 26". Smooth precision glide.

12-1035: Extendable 180°

Baseline Xtender™ Goniometer

Extendable Goniometer - 360 Degree Range - Extendable Arms (9 - 26 inch): Baseline Xtender extendable goniometer offers easy-to-read scale, and adjustable leg length for measuring large and small joints. Steel arms extending 9 1/2" to 26". 4x magnifying lens to read the dual, color-coded 360° scale.
Dimensions: 9.5" x 0.5" x 3"
Weight: 0.5 lbs

12-1036: Baseline Extendable Goniometer - 360 Degree Range - Extendable Arms (9 - 26 inch)

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