Baseline® Measurement Tapes

Measuring Tape

Measurement tape reads in inches and centimeters. Locks in place until reset button is pressed. Available in 3 lengths.

12-1210: 5 ft single tape
12-1210-25: 25-pack

12-1211: 6 ft single tape
12-1211-25: 25-pack

12-1212: 10 ft single tape
12-1212-25: 25-pack

Circumference Tape

Measure the circumference of a joint or digit. Wrap webbing around the finger and read circumference directly from the ruler. Measure by yourself: simply make loop, position loosely around waist, wrist or area being measured, and press button. Measuring tape will stay in place securely, while you have two free hands to make adjustments and record measurements.


12-1205: Single Tape
12-1205-25: 25-Pack

Gulick Measurement Tape

Spring exerts force on woven fabric during measurement for accurate and repeatable results. Reads in inches and centimeters. Push button reactor. Available in 3 lengths.

12-1201: 5 ft single tape
12-1201-25: 25-pack

12-1203: 6 ft single tape
12-1203-25: 25-pack

12-1204: 10 ft single tape
12-1204-25: 25-pack

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