Intelligent Sensor Series

The Intelligent Sensor Series has various configurations which include 8 and 16 sensor options. The Octopus format or configuration consists of individual sensors that can be mounted anywhere.

The ISS can be ordered with the new T7 interface which plugs directly into a PC's USB port or a version to connect to the previous T5 computer interface.

ISS-O: Intelligent Sensor Series in Octopus Format

Each of the either 8 or 16 individual sensors can be mounted either on a device or the subject to obtain synchronized data from one or more sources (e.g. 2 handed operations). The individual sensors are covered with a Teflon coated laminate which makes them more durable.


Cable Length: Each wire is 20 inches long with all wires gathering to a IDC connector which attaches to a 6 ft. Ribbon cable extension that plugs into the interface module.
Sensor Type: Piezo resistive sensors
Sensor Size: 0.5" X 0.5" X 0.014" (thickness)
Sensor Area: 5/16" X 5/16"
Number of sensors: 8 or 16 per ISS (one per wire)
Calibrated Pressure Range: 0-5000 mmHg (0 - 100 psi)
Accuracy: Variation Coefficient less than 10% at manufacture
Maximum Allowable Force: 100 psi (30 psi using High Pressure Cal Jig, 100 psi performed at factory)
Warranty: 1 Year Standard, but may vary depending on application

Additional Hardware

A calibration jig (normally high pressure) is required.