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Founded more than 35 years ago, NexGen Ergonomics has become a worldwide source for software and instrumentation used in ergonomics and biomechanics for analysis, research, design and education. NexGen also supplies a broad array of medical products.

Our fall newsletter contains information on our latest product updates, specific technical notes and recent corporate news. Information on all our products is available on our website.

Corporate News

NexGen will be exhibiting at:
2020 Applied Ergonomics Conference
March 16-19, 2020
Kentucky International Convention Center
Louisville, KY

Visit us at Booth #515.

We have recently updated our website to provide a more streamlined experience with improved navigation for our extensive array of products and categories, and a more functional presentation for users on mobile devices.

Ergonomics and Biomechanics Products


NexGen will be releasing the initial Alpha for Version 6. All customers on annual maintenance are welcome to try it out and provide feedback.

The following are expected to be included in V6.

New features in the standard product:

  • A balance feature which deals with the assessment of the human balance and stability in static (motionless conditions) or quasi-static conditions (such as standing). We also calculate and display the ground reaction forces for both feet and for each foot individually (displayed when the balance module is activated).
  • Clothing appearance options
  • New databases:
    - Japan Young Adults 1992 male and female
    - Australian Military 2012 male and female

A new Elderly Module which includes the following databases:

  • Japan Elderly 1992 male and female
  • DTI UK Elderly 1998 (four age groups: 65+, 65-74, 75+ and 85+) male and female

Ranges of Motion (ROMs) are available (for each age group, gender and ethnicity of the added elderly databases) as well as BSIPs databases were added for Elderly populations.

New in ErgoTools:

  • Hand strength MAE (Maximum Acceptable Efforts) & AFF (Arm Force Field) methods have been added. The MAE method is designed for repetitive tasks that use frequency and/or duty cycle (DC) to predict maximum acceptable efforts (MAE) (as a percentage) relative to maximum voluntary efforts (MVE). The AFF method predicts manual arm strength (MAS) for a wide range of body orientations, hand locations and any force direction. This method uses an artificial neural network (ANN) to predict the effects of hand location and force direction on MAS, and includes a method to estimate the contribution of the arm's weight to the predicted strength.
  • A Task Analysis Wizard has been added. The task analysis tool offers a fast and easy to use way to analyze one or more tasks using several of the ergonomic tools available in HumanCAD. The wizard guides the user in each step of the process and the results of the analyses can be exported into a word processor compatible format.

Updated Child Module:

  • Japan Kids 2008 database has been added (11 age groups, from 0 to 10 years old) male and female.
  • Ranges of Motion (ROMs) are available as well as BSIPs

New in CADExchange:

  • Optimization of shape triangulation export to STL and VRML
  • Optimized update of assemblies in XDE
  • Support of transparency as part of color specification in XDE
  • Refactored and optimized STL read / write module

Upgrade discounts are available to customers of previous versions of HumanCAD.

Current product information is at:

VATS™ (Vibration Analysis ToolSet)

NexGen will be releasing the initial Alpha for Version 4. This new version which has been completely redeveloped sports a new graphical interface and easier navigation. New features and enhancements include:

  • All calculated values and graphs can now be exported in PDF, CSV and HTML formats.
  • 2018 ISO 2631-5 has been added.
  • User can now import from either Biometrics management software version 10 and higher or 9 and earlier versions as the data formats are different.
  • Larger files can now be processed.
  • Additional graph statistics have been added.

Existing customers are welcome to contact us to try it out and provide feedback or we can schedule a demo.

Our VATS software can also be purchased as a stand-alone software product to import acceleration data to be analyzed from other systems. VATS software is available for either hand-arm or whole body analysis. Hand-arm vibration analysis is based on the ISO 5349 and ACGIH standard for hand arm vibration (HAV). Whole body vibration analysis is based on the ISO 2631-1, 2631-5 (2004 and 2018), BS 6841, and ACGIH standard for whole body vibration (WBV).

Current product information is at:

Glove Pressure Mapping System (GPMS)

The new GPMS includes wireless capability as standard. Customers simply select USB or wireless in the software. The software has also been completely updated with a new graphical interface.

Learn more at:

Mark-10 Products

Sales for Ergo kits hit another record. All Mark-10 ergonomic kits come with a 3-year parts and labor warranty. NexGen is currently offering a variety of promotions with software bundles and other discounts. Contact us for details.

Learn more at:


A limited number of V1 sensors is available. Customers can also upgrade their systems to V2 technology.

Biometrics Ltd. Products

DataLITE ADVANCE is the latest addition to the DataLITE wireless sensor range of research and engineering products. It is a desktop unit incorporating all the same features of DataLITE with the addition of analogue outputs for each channel of wireless data. This standard analog output is easy to interface to and provides the user with a very simple, accurate and robust way of sending data to 3rd party systems.

  • 24 analogue and 12 digital sensor outputs
  • Transfer DataLITE sensor data to 3rd party instrumentation such as video motion captures e.g. Vicon, Qualisys, and Peak Performance
  • Known exact latency of 100 ms delay to a 3rd party instrument
  • Additionally, once configured, DataLITE ADVANCE may be disconnected from the PC, allowing it to be used solely as an analogue output unit. This provides a very robust, novel product which may be used independent of the PC.

Several online instructional tutorials for customers, describing detailed guides to setting up and using their products are available. As well as being simple to use, the tutorials are easy to follow - allowing users to learn at their own pace.

These tutorials are available to customers only, and can be accessed by logging in with your username and password. Customers can request access to the tutorials by emailing us.

Learn more aboout Biometrics products at:

Medical Products

Hand Dynamometers, Pinch Gauges & Kits

NexGen Ergonomics offers a variety of products from Baseline, Jamar, Dynex, Lafayette, B&L and more.

See the medical products section of our website for detailed product information.

Thought Technology Products

The BioGraph 6.5 update focuses primarily on future compatibility for hardware that is set for release in the near future. In terms of feature enhancements, the following additions and improvements have been made:

  • A new "Client Search" button has been added to the Database, at the request of users that have very large lists of client names. Instead of having to scroll to find the correct name, the clinician can now just search for the client by first name, last name, or ID number.
  • To provide greater flexibility in terms of HRV statistics, the N-to-N interval statistic now includes the option to examine only the positive NN interval values or negative NN interval values. Previously, the software looked at all NN interval values, both positive and negative. This means that the difference between each adjacent pair of interbeat interval values were averaged all together. The user will be able to choose to alter the option via the virtual channel settings, such that only positive or only negative NN intervals are included. By installation default, all NN interval statistic will include all values.
  • Screen resizing is enhanced to better accommodate different screen sizes, based on new Screen Editor options. Screens designed for dual-monitor use will now accurately resize to fit on two monitors, even if initially opened on a very large single monitor that fits the entire screen. Screens designed to remain smaller than the window monitor will also remain as such.

Please contact us for upgrade information and prices.

Learn more aboout Thought Technology products at:

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