ManneQuinBE™ FAQ

  1. About ManneQuinBE
  2. Working with ManneQuinBE and AutoCAD DXF Files
  3. Other PC Utilities and ManneQuinBE's Site Key
  4. ManneQuinBE Registration and Site Key

About ManneQuinBE

What are the differences between ManneQuinBE, ManneQuinPRO and ManneQuinELITE?

ManneQuinPRO versus ManneQuinBE: The PRO version has 11 databases versus one, orbit features, drawing tools, more anthropometrics options including customization of mannequin, NIOSH and biomechanics, 3DS file support, HumanForm mannequin export, and more.

The ELITE version supports IGES, STEP and STL file formats as well as includes an interface to the University of Michigan 3D SSPP.

Working with ManneQuinBE and AutoCAD DXF Files

How can I get AutoCAD 2002 files into ManneQuinBE?

In AutoCAD 2002, use the export command, File/Save As. Then you can select the file type "AutoCAD R12/LT2 DXF". Simply import this file into ManneQuinBE and all the solid/plane objects will be taken into account.

How can I transform AutoCAD solid objects into polygonal objects?

An AutoCAD script to transform solid objects into polygonal objects can be found at Look for MeshOUT.

MESHOUT.LSP : Converts 3d objects into meshes. Will also join meshes together.

Other PC Utilities and ManneQuinBE's Site Key

Do any Norton Utilities affect ManneQuinBE's site key?

Yes, Speed Disk is the defragmentation utility included in Symantec's Norton Utilities. Unfortunately Speed Disk moves CrypKey Instant licensing files, causing license loss. CrypKey Instant uses four special licensing files (.ent, .rst, .key and .41s) to control ManneQuinBE licensing. These files are hidden system files and reside in the same directory as the protected product.

To prevent license loss:

  1. Open Speed Disk, and choose File, Options, Customize and Unmovable Files.
  2. Specify that the *.ENT, *.RST, *.KEY and *.41S files cannot be moved.

Does Diskeeper affect ManneQuinBE's Site Key?

It could. Diskeeper should be configured to exclude Crypkey files (.key, .rst, .ent, & .41s).

Other notes to consider for users of Diskeeper using ManneQuinBE:

If Diskeeper is trying to run while the operating system is loading then a possible conflict can occur between NetworkX and Crypkey License Service occurs.

When one has MannequinBE installed it installs one service and one device. The device is called "Networkx" the service is called "Crypkey License". If one is using Diskeeper and one sets the boot time defrag to include chkdsk this will not only not run, but it will delete the Crypkey and require a reload of MannequinBE. It will also fail to do the chkdsk and it will not decheck the setting in diskeeper. Kenomic (developer of Crypkey) suggests doing a screen shot of both those settings in Services and Devices, so as to have the correct settings, and then to turn off both and set them to disabled on startup. Then Boot time defrag will work with chkdsk. After boot time has finished and the computer is up and running, use the screen shot to get the settings back and reboot. It is important to not attempt to light off the Crypkey protected program before having done all this. If you do, you will have to reload the Crypkey protected program.

Another option is to not run a boot time defrag or chkdsk. Schedule a scandisk and defrag to occur after your system has completed loading of the OS.

Another option may be for Diskeeper to provide an option run the defrag/chkdsk before the operating system begins to load? eg; Launch process from the autoexec.bat.

ManneQuinBE Registration and Site Key

How can I register ManneQuinBE and obtain my site key?

Please note that you must register your software with NexGen Ergonomics Inc. in order to receive your permanent activation Site Key. This may be done via e-mail or by telephone at (514) 685-8593. If you prefer to register by phone, please have the software running and accessible when you call.

Once you have been provided with your permanent Site Key, you can authorize your software by launching ManneQuinBE and selecting File/License Management/Authorize. Simply enter the Site Key number at the prompt.

How can I transfer my ManneQuinBE software license?

You must have a copy of ManneQuinBE already installed and authorized with a Site Key on one computer and another copy of ManneQuinBE already installed but not authorized on another.

Please follow the procedure listed below:

  1. Register License Transfer
    Start the program on the target computer (the one that you want to activate) and register the transfer by selecting File/License Management/Register License Transfer. Supply the path for the floppy disk - default is A:\. This function will place a registration imprint file on the floppy disk. Remove the floppy disk from the target computer and place it in the source computer with the registered version.
  2. License Transfer Out
    Start the program on the source computer and transfer out by selecting File/License Management/License Transfer Out. You must supply the floppy disk path - default is A:\. This function will read the registration imprint file and write a matching license imprint file onto the floppy. It will also terminate the license source. Remove the floppy disk from the source computer and return it to the target computer.
  3. License Transfer In
    Restart the program in the target computer and transfer in the license by selecting File/License Management/License Transfer In. You must supply the path for the floppy disk - default is A:\. This completes the license transfer and discards the intermediate imprint files.

ManneQuinBE is a trademark of NexGen Ergonomics Inc.