FSA 4D Software

The new FSA 4D software has several new features. These include:

  • Video synchronization that is selectable (on/off) within the file
  • WIFI
  • Easily add temperature, shear and photos to the same file
  • Track key pressure statistics over time in one or multiple areas
  • Arrange the FSA display the way you like it and save it as a template with the new Flexi Pane design
  • Create custom client (or product test) information forms tailored to your specific needs
  • Custom report creation and templates
  • The system is easier to setup as the config info is part of the calibration file
  • Real time histograms for one or several areas
  • Measurement and display of one or several selected areas
  • FSA 4D is multithreading and tolerant
  • Multiple scale options, i.e. mmhg PSI, n/cm2 kpa etc.