Vortex Motorized Torque Systems

Featuring fully motorised torque control, the Vortex and Vortex-i digital torque systems offer unparalleled testing reproducibility. For detailed literature regarding these products, please contact Mecmesin or your supplier.


Offering accuracy and consistency at an affordable price, the Vortex is a semi-automated digital torque testing system.

Key Features

  • Motorised clockwise/counter-clockwise torque drive
  • Variable speed control
  • Digital collection and display of results
  • Peak torque capture, pass/fail alarms and overload warning
  • Twin column test frame
  • Adjustable crosshead (350mm vertical daylight)
  • Top-loading capability (pre-apply set vertical loads)
  • Versatile upper and lower mounting tables


The Vortex-i possesses all the mechanical features of the Vortex, but is fully computer-controlled for incomparable repeatability.

Driven by Emperor™, Mecmesin's powerful yet user-friendly Windows software, the Vortex-i enables advanced programmable functions, such as run to torque, angle, time or break as well as sophisticated graphical interrogation of results.