Torque Tester Accessories

Check Calibration Kit

This bench-top calibration rig allows you to verify the calibration of your Orbis or Tornado tester on site. Using dead-weight masses, the kit allows you to quickly decide whether or not adjustment or repair is required. Note; the kit does not replace the need for regular professional calibration, under laboratory conditions, by Mecmesin.

DataPlot Software

DataPlot is an easy-to-use Windows program for logging, plotting and analysing torque data. Results are plotted as a function of time, and may be easily printed or exported to other programs e.g. Microsoft Excel. User-defined preferences may be stored for repeat testing.

Closure Holders

To avoid distortion of the closure on gripping, Mecmesin's closure holders may be custom moulded to suit your specific closure design.


This precision-engineered mounting block allows smaller samples to be securely held in position, without excessive clamping force.

Saddle Plate

To provide a more stable base on which to mount awkardly shaped samples, a saddle plate is available.


A simple method of recording torque readings, the digimatic printer issues statistical reports to include min, max, range and standard deviation.

Data Cables

Mecmesin supply an accompanying range of RS232, Digimatic and USB data cables for connection to peripheral devices.