Orbis Torque Testing System

The Mecmesin Orbis delivers a simple, affordable solution to low-level torque measurement.

Appropriate for use on any small rotary component, this rugged, lightweight and highly portable tester is ideally suited to both laboratories and production environments. The versatile mounting table sits atop an integrated digital torque sensor, and grips the base of your sample, presenting it for application of torque by hand. The digital tester features high sampling-rate electronics to allow accurate peak torque capture, providing a far greater level of accuracy compared to mechanical spring-type testers.

A clear, backlit LCD screen displays maximum torques applied in both clockwise and counter-clockwise directions, up to 6N.m. Alternatively, a running torque display may be easily invoked using the system's clear, intuitive controls. Once captured, results may be easily exported to a PC, printer or data-logging device, via a single button press, using the tester's integrated RS232 output.

  1. Versatile mounting table, adjustable to accommodate a variety of forms. Integrated drip tray to capture spillages.
  2. Clear digital display of clockwise & counter-clockwise maximum torque results, or 'running' torque display.
  3. Mains input with water resistant cover. Power Orbis directly from mains or internal rechargeable battery.
  4. Easy export of results to a PC, printer or datalogging device via integrated RS232 output socket.
  5. Rugged, water-resistant case (rated to IP 54); ideal for use on the factory floor. Non-painted polypropylene case suitable for use within pharmaceutical laboratories.
  6. Clear, intuitive controls, 5 dedicated function keys for ease of operation. Lockable units and 'max display' modes.
  7. Highly portable, moulded carry handle & compact, lightweight design.

Key Features

  • Clockwise & Counter-clockwise Digital Torque Capture
  • Compact, Portable & Affordable
  • Clear, Intuitive Controls
  • 6N.m (50 lbf.in) Capacity
  • Mains or Battery Powered
  • Data Output

Gripping pegs are easily adjusted to match sample dimensions. Awkwardly shaped containers are easily accommodated - simply reposition pegs to align the closure over the centre of the mounting table.

Technical Specifications

Measurement Range (Clockwise & counter-clockwise): 0 - 6N.m, 0 - 60kgf.cm, 0 - 50lbf.in
Display Resolution: 0.002N.m, 0.02kgf.cm, 0.01lbf.in
Container Diameter: 10 - 190mm
Load Units: mN.m, N.cm, N.m, gf.cm, kgf.cm, kgf.m, ozf.in, lbf.in, lbf.ft
Sampling Rate: 5000Hz averaged to 80Hz peak capture
Load Accuracy: ±0.5% of full scale
Overload: typically 150% of full scale
Weight: 3kg
Dimensions (mm): 303(w) x 278(d) x 127(h)
Part No.: 876-107