DataPlot Software

DataPlot Windows-based software delivers the full potential of test systems consisting of test stands, fixtures and instruments.

DataPlot enables a PC to communicate with digital force gauges, torque gauges and digital height scales via the instruments' standard bidirectional RS-232 interface. The PC functions as a virtual chart recorder with the following features:

  • Force vs. Time
  • Force vs. Displacement
  • Start/stop triggers
  • Auto-ranging
  • Zooming/re-scaling
  • Overlaying of test traces
  • Printout of tabular data
  • Data export to spreadsheets

During a test, DataPlot records force data at a rate of up to ten times per second. When the test has finished, operators can define a range of data by dragging two sliders, and, within that range, the software calculates average, maximum, minimum and area under the plotted curve.

DataPlot can display force vs. displace-ment with a motorized test stand by entering the test speed, or by an optional interface module and height scale. Operators can re-scale and relabel graph axis and add graph titles. The software will save user-defined preferences for repeat testing; it will plot a series of similar tests on the same graph.

DataPlot is flexible and easy to use. It operates from either the keyboard or a mouse. The software provides an extensive system of context-sensitive Help screens. Data can be printed in tabular or graphical form or exported in ASCII format.


Operates with these instruments:
- Advanced Force Gauge (AFG)
- Advanced Force / Torque Indicator (AFTI)
- Basic Force Gauge (BFG)
RS-232 communication: 300 to 19,200 baud
Data acquisition rate:
- From 0.01 to 10Hz (load points per second)
- From .01 to 8 Hz with force,displacement interface
Maximum number of data points: 10,000
Duration of data logging: Up to 2.8 days
Data which can be plotted/accumulated:
- Force-torque vs time
- Force-torque vs angle
Force units: lb, oz, kN, N, mN, kg, g
Torque units: ft-lb, in-lb, oz-in, N-m, mN-m, kg-m, kg-cm, g-cm
Time units: seconds, minutes or hours
Distance units: in, ft, mm, cm
Logging start/stop triggers: On force, torque, time or distance
Automatic real-time graph scaling and zooming
Intelligent screen interlinking
Multiple test display: Up to four traces can be overlaid
Print output: Graphs and raw data
Data export to other PC software: ASCII file (comma or tab delimited)
Accessories required: AFG to RS-232 cable (9- or 25-pin available)
Computer required: PC running Windows 2000 or XP
User-defined text: Graph titles and axis labels