Compact Force Gauge - CFG+

The Compact Force Gauge (CFG+) is a low-cost testing solution for the lab or the field. The CFG+ is housed in a compact, ergonomic ABS plastic case with nylon hand strap, and includes RS232 output for easy data transmission to peripheral devices. Powered by four common AA cells, battery life is preserved with the CFG+'s auto-off feature.

Measurement units can be chosen from N, lbf, ozf and kgf. Accuracy is rated at ±0.5% with 1 part in 2000 resolution. Continuous and peak load detection modes may be viewed and can be toggled mid-test.

The CFG+ is available in three models (110lb/500N/50kg, 45lb/200N/20kg or 11lb/50N/5kg) and includes everything to get started: a test hook, compression platen, extension rod, 4 AA batteries, instruction sheet and NEMAS traceable calibration card. NIST traceable recalibration is available for an additional cost.

Features and benefits

Pocket sized: Measuring only 3.0 x 5.3 inches (76mm x 133mm) the compact gauge is convenient to carry
Versatile: Measures both compression and tension, weight and force
Battery powered: Use either replaceable AA Batteries or optional AC power adapter. Battery life is approx 120 hours.
Selectable units of measure: N, lbf, ozf and kgf
Simple operation: Controls for On, Off, Zero, Units of measure, and Peak or Normal display
Overload warning


Capacity: 110lb/500N/50kg, 45lb/200N/20kg or 11lb/50N/5kg
Resolution: 1 part in 2000
Units of measure: N, lbf, ozf and kgf
Peak force capture rate: 10 Hz
Accuracy: ±0.5% of full scale
Power supply: Replaceable AA batteries (4)
Display: .75 x 1.8 inch, .38 inch high digits
Battery saving mode: By default the instrument switches off after approximately five minutes of inactivity. This battery saving feature may be overridden for continuous measurement applications.
Operating modes: Constantly captures peak compression of tension values. The display mode may be toggled between peak tension, peak compression and standard display mode.

Models & Specifications

Model Order No. N kgf lbf
CFG+ 50 860-021 50 x 0.05 5 x 0.005 11 x 0.01
CFG+ 200 860-022 200 x 0.2 20 x 0.02 33 x 0.05
CFG+ 500 860-023 500 x 0.5 50 x 0.05 110 x 0.1

Accuracy ±0.5% of full scale

What's Included

  • Compression plate
  • Test hook
  • Extension rods
  • Batteries

(Calibration certificate available, at extra cost)

Optional Extras

  • CFG+ Mounting Plate: Connect your CFG+ to a Mecmesin test stand for a complete test system.
  • Cable CFG+ to RS232: Connect your CFG+ to a peripheral device, e.g. PC, for easy data transmission of test results.
  • Emperor™ Lite: Expand the functionality of the CFG+ with Emperor™ Lite data acquisition and plotting software. Analyse test results and view data in graphical format.