Mecmesin AFTI Display
(Advanced Force/Torque Indicator)

The AFTI Advanced Force / Torque Indicator is a high-specification, rechargeable battery-powered display unit for use solely with Mecmesin "smart" force or torque transducers.


  • Tension and compression force
  • 1st peak and ultimate peak hold
  • newton, lbf, kgf force measurement units
  • Accuracy ±0.1% of full scale
  • Data output: RS232, Mitutoyo digimatic, analogue
  • External "smart" force & torque transducer
  • Accepts an "Advanced Loadcell Cartridge"
  • Overload warning with trend bar
  • Diagnostic check of loadcell
  • Pass/Fail alarms
  • On-board memory, with 100 reading capacity
  • Ability to invert force gauge display
  • Resolution 1:5000
  • Sampling rate 5000Hz
  • Mains powered, or by rechargeable (NiMH) AAA batteries